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 The Powerful Healing Benefits of Massage

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb

For millennia, many have known of the deeply healing effects of massage.  Now, scientific studies are surfacing more frequently to support that notion.  It’s exciting that more people are paying attention.

Regardless of what aspect of healing you need – mind, body, spirit, or any combination of the three there is a good chance massage can support you and provide some much needed relief.

The power of touch on the body and the mind

It’s now believed that more than three quarters of diseases can been linked to stress1, which is directly related to other associated ailments, such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. We can no longer deny the mind-body connection.
Massage can be a powerful tool in reducing stress, utilizing safe and healing touch as a way to bring greater physiological balance to those who struggle with the following:


Even the simple act of stopping what you’re doing and deepening your breath, which subsequently lowers your blood pressure, can reduce stress2. Massage is that opportunity to block out the world around you for a short period of time to allow yourself to do just that.

Depression and Anxiety3

When dealing with either of these conditions, caring for yourself physically is typically the last thing you’re thinking about, but massage can provide that personal self-care when you’re unable to provide it for yourself.


This condition is often related to the others above, and one thing we are absolutely sure of is a lack of sleep can cause a myriad of physical health risks4. Decreasing tension and anxiety induces the relaxation needed to quiet the mind before drifting off into restful and healing sleep.

Physical conditions managed through massage

As we continue to amass the data on the healing effects of massage, we see a correlative increase in support by the medical community. Many insurance companies even recognize the value of massage as a highly effective, cost-efficient, and results-oriented form of therapy5.

Whether through the deep work of breaking up thick and hardened scar tissue, mobilizing joints, releasing tension through muscle work, or directing drainage of the lymphatic systems, the physical benefits of massage are undeniable.

Some of the most common ailments proven to benefit from therapeutic massage include:  

Musculoskeletal Issues

The musculoskeletal system refers to the organization of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other associated tissues, and how they connect to joints and bones. This system is what helps us maintain our structure and form. Massage reduces overall tension throughout this system, and can aid in injury recovery, return of joint function, and can correct posture6. It also improves circulation within these tissues.

Tennis Elbow and Carpal Tunnel

Our rounded shoulders create shortened muscles in the pectoral neck areas, which can negatively impact nerve bundles traveling between the clavicle and ribs. Those symptoms of tingling down the arm and hand caused by this effect are often experienced as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome7.


Headaches can be a manifestation of any number of mind and body issues ranging from stress-related insomnia to seasonal optic and sinus pressures. However, often patients don’t realize headaches can be linked to the tightening of the muscles in the back, shoulders, neck8 – even facial or jaw muscles – supporting the head. And there are separate methods of massage which most benefit each condition based on the cause.

Overall Immune Function

As early as 2015, research has confirmed that those with already-compromised immune systems can find relief and improvement through massage therapy. Those same benefits can be enjoyed by anyone seeking to improve their defenses against the common cold, flu, or other mild illnesses9.

The Spiritual Benefits of Massage

The Meditative State

Regardless of religious affiliation, massage can help you find a calm and meditative state, allowing you the opportunity for stillness and to receive nurturing. When you know you are being taken care of in a safe and relaxing environment, there is time to allow massage – the music, the scents, the warm table, the sensations of your pain being eased your body being soothed – to guide you inward.


In a world of digital correspondence, remote work, and overall less human-to-human interaction, massage engages your sense of touch in a way that allows you to feel connected to the physical world – the weight of your physical self on the table, the warmth of a blanket over you, and safe and healing physical contact with another human being.

Reap the Benefits of Massage: Take Care of You

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of massage or book a session, please reach out to Cloud Mountain. I can help you better understand how massage can help you.