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Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Recovery
If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) massage can help and is covered in Oregon by PIP(personal injury protection).

PIP can pay for your healing up to a year after your accident.
Massage can help relieve muscular pain and return function throughout the body.  

When you have been in an accident your muscles get traumatized and can stay stuck in a contracted "protecting" state.  This can cause pain, decreased range of motion in joints and pinched nerves leading to tingling, numbness and weakness particularly in limbs.   
It is important and advisable to get as much body work as you can as soon as possible.  The sooner tight muscles can be worked on the sooner they can heal, relax and return to their correct lengths. The longer you wait to get care the stiffer things become and the less time you have to use your PIP to pay for therapeutic services.
It is also important to act right away because if you wait too long to get treatment the insurance company will use this as evidence that you do not need treatment.
I strongly caution you to hold off on closing your claim until you are certain you are healed.  Injuries from MVA's often flare back up after initial pain relief as one gets back into their normal activities.   How to get massage covered following a motor vehicle accident
1) Open a claim and keep it open
2) Try to see a doctor with in 24 hours of your accident to get a diagnosis and prescription for massage.
3) Contact a massage therapist to set up an appointment.
4)  Provide Massage Therapist with your Insurance information, Claim Information and Doctors Prescription.How to take care of your body after a motor vehicle accident
1) in first 48hrs you want to use ice to decrease inflammation in areas of pain.  Do 20 minutes at a time with ice wraped in a towel
2) Rest.  Take some time away from things that agravate your injury.   Driving and working on a computer are common aggravators.
3)  Gentle mindful movement, depending on the severity of your injuries.  If you have more severe injuries than muscle pain your doctor will advise you.  In general keeping things moving in a gentle mindful manner like slow walks and gentle stretching can help with injury recovery and prevent your body from siezing up more.  Don't do anything that causes pain.
4) Asemble your team of health care practitioners.  You may find different things helpful.  Acuppuncture, Massage, Physical therapy, and Chiropractic can all help if they are the right fit for you.