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Does Your Medical Insurance Cover Massage Treatment Services?

Cloud Mountain Massage of Portland is excited to share that we have recently partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield/Regence Insurance in order to better serve your needs for medical massage therapy.

If your plan includes insurance massage, there are a couple of steps you should complete prior to setting an appointment:
  • Visit Your Doctor First. Insurance companies typically require a medical referral for massage, and many doctors choose to incorporate massage therapy into a more holistic treatment plan designed to effectively shorten overall recovery time and/or decrease your levels of chronic pain.

  • Secure Your Prescription. A medical prescription for massage that includes diagnosis codes through your primary care physician or other specialist – a chiropractor, for instance – will help to ensure coverage. Your doctor or specialist will also be able to confirm how quickly after certain deeper injuries you may be able to safely receive massage therapy.

  • Call Your Insurance Company. We recommend confirming if there are any additional limitations to how your policy covers these services and whether any deductible must be met before coverage for massage services kicks in.

Once all of this information has been gathered and confirmed, you will be able focus all of your attention on the actual recovery process.

What Conditions Are Eligible for Cloud Mountain Massage Treatments Through Your Insurance?

Although massage for anxiety and insomnia are not conditions directly covered at the writing of this page, we do hope they are included in the near future.

In the meantime, there are a number of physical conditions known to benefit from massage therapy. They typically fall under one of two specific medical diagnoses: Therapeutic Massage and Manual Therapy.

Therapeutic Massage

Treatments under this code promote increased circulation and relaxation in the muscle tissue.

Soft tissue strains and injuries, TMJ, or other jaw-related tension usually require therapeutic massage. There are also about a half dozen types of migraine and tension headache that can effectively be reduced or eliminated through massage by focusing on the neck, shoulders, and head.

Manual Therapy

Mobilization and manipulation services that aid in increasing pain-free range of motion and help a patient return to functional activity are included here.

For example, massage therapy is known to be the most cost-efficient and effective long-term treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It’s also the least invasive. Deep tissue massage can soften and lengthen the muscles and connective tissues from the neck down to the affected hand.

Frozen shoulder is a condition in which scar tissue forms slowly over time in the shoulder. Deeper massage work on the area can break up the thickened tissue and allow wider range of motion again. Sciatica pain, tennis elbow, and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia often benefit from manual therapy as well. You can also add to that list back pain, hip pain, and other bodily pain or disfunction, as well as injuries from sports and motor vehicle accidents.

Ultimately, the way these and other conditions are classified will depend upon their root cause. Your doctor or specialist will be able to provide the proper recommendation for your overall treatment plan.

Book Your Portland Insurance Massage with Cloud Mountain

For more information on how you can best utilize the benefits included in your medical insurance plan, get in touch with Cloud Mountain. As an experienced massage therapist in Portland, I can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.